The phrase WysiWiki denotes a wiki that has a live, editable interface

Top 10 Wiki Engines

  • MediaWiki – Used by the WikiPedia project, which is the most popular wiki (PHP and MySql).
  • MoinMoin – A PythonLanguage wiki engine, features flexibility and modular design.
  • PhpWiki – A very popular PhpLanguage Wiki based on UseModWiki, with many features added.
  • OddMuseWiki – Really popular descendant of UseModWiki (“one big Perl script”).
  • TikiWiki CMS+Groupware — A full-featured, open source, multilingual, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware written in PHP.
  • PmWiki – A popular PhpLanguage Wiki, easy installation, simple design, nice feature list.
  • Best WakkaWiki fork – (Which WakkaWiki fork is the best? Also see WikiEngineHallOfFame) (PHP/MySQL)
  • Traction TeamPage – Best Enterprise Wiki based on outstanding features and comparison to commercial alternatives, as rated by InfoWorld (January 2007)
  • FoswikiEngine - The free open source fork from TWiki, a powerful PerlLanguage structured wiki with numerous plugins, aimed at large corporate Intranets
  • MojoMojo – The modern PerlLanguage wiki, powered by the CatalystFramework and the DBIC ORM. Hierarchical structure, AJAX live previews, 3-way merge edit conflict resolution, attachment gallery etc.